Professional Air Conditioning Services for the Midland, TX Area

Every home in the state of Texas uses air conditioning systems to keep the homes comfortable. It gets to be hot in Texas, everyone knows that. Without these systems, life would be much more uncomfortable anywhere you lived, including Midland, TX. Air conditioners are complex machines that not anyone could install or repair on their own. They typically require a professional HVAC contractor to properly install or repair.

Why Choose Our Residential HVAC Contractor?

  • AC Installation Services: Does your home need a new air conditioner installed? Our HVAC contractors can professionally install your air conditioning system so that you can enjoy a cool home.


  • AC Repairs: Has your AC malfunctioned? We provide professional AC repair services. We can fix refrigerant leaks, frozen condenser coils, air conditioners tripping circuit breakers, and just about anything else that may happen.


  • Safety: Air conditioning systems generate large electrical outputs that can be very dangerous. They also are large and heavy which makes them hazardous as well. Our contractors have all the safety training and equipment needed to do any air conditioning service safely.


  • Warranty: Most air conditioning parts and systems come with some form of manufacturer’s warranty. However, most are invalid if the installation or any repair work is not done by a professional HVAC contractor.

Contact Our Residential HVAC Contractor Today

At ONEWAY Heating & Cooling, we proudly provide professional air conditioning services to the Midland, TX area. We provide professional AC installations and AC repairs. Any issue with your air conditioning system, we can fix it. If it is unfixable, we can replace your system as well. Our HVAC contractors are trained on the latest technology and safety procedures. They will safely and properly perform any air conditioning services you need. Contact us today to schedule your air conditioning service!